Someone has been spreading rumours that there is a kitty even more handsome and man than me. What? This orange kitty with black stripes? How could he be? He is so inactive and sat there all day long doing nothing but staring at the walls. What a SOFT kitty he is! I do not even need much energy to PRESS him down. See! I am doing it right now. The most handsome man cat in this neighborhood is still me… hahahaha! JONTIGGER01 JONTIGGER02 JONTIGGER03 Jeremy: Psss… Jayson. There goes Papa having that superiority complex again! Jayson: Normal. What else is new in him? Janice: Shhh… Guys! Tone down your voices. He might hear you. Justin: Man Cat? Haha… my foot. I see him running away and hide under the car whenever the neighborhood Orange Mafia came for a visit.


  1. Cheeky brats! Of course you are more handsome than the soft toy Tigger. All of you are.

  2. Do not worry, you are by far handsomer than the orange and black kitty. That one is very soft and out of shape, too.

  3. Of course you are far, far more handsome and smarter than Tigger and don’t let anyone else tell you differently either.

    Mindy & Moe

  4. I finks you looks like Tigger a bit. Do you’s bounce likes him? That looks funs to do!!

  5. Yes you are much more handsome than Tigger Johnathan!! You are THE Mancat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

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