Gosh… I just came back barely a few hours and here I am busy with dozens of backlogs. Haha… that’s life and I was wondering what will happen if I ever go for a long vacation. Well, it was the most tiring seminar that I had ever attended with hardly 5 hours of sleep for 4 straight days. Traveling to the seminar venue itself took me more than 2 hours. I did not expect the life in Kuala Lumpur to be so hectic and with so many traffic jams. I could not complain too as it was an intensive seminar for self development. It was so intensive that I did not even have much time for proper meals. Chocolate bars worked well. They were a booster for making me sleepier. 😛 Luckily I did bring a few toothpicks to keep my eyelids open. LOL! BACK01 Moreover, the seminar was on a weekend and over 350 miles away when I should be spending more time with my J Family. I missed them so much that whenever I see a cat walk by me, I will call out their names. Could you imagine that I saw not less than 30 cats and my friends thought that I had gone insane? Anyway, I hope my lovable kitties managed to keep you all entertained during my week long absence. Just let me have a few days of good rest and I will be popping over to your blogs. Here is just a short post to share with you how much I love them. What would you expect the J Family to get? It surely must be something starts with a “J” too. Haha! They were having J.Co Donuts “Cheese Me Up” with melted New Zealand cheese on top for breakfast. J.CO DONUTS CHEESE ME UP Haha! What a bunch of pampered kitties. If only they knew I had to queue up an hour just to buy back a few for them. Phew… luckily all of them were enjoying those donuts. J.CO WITH J FAMILY MEMBERS As for Panther, I managed to call the vet almost everyday. Unfortunately, I could not get the opportunity to pop in a cyber café to even check my mails. He missed me very much and was not eating well. Other than that he was recuperating rather well. I hope I have some energy left to visit him later this evening as I prefer to have first hand report rather than through a phone call. So, catch up with you all later. ZZzzzzZZzz… Anyway, I would also like to congratulate Karl & Ruis a happy wedding on 30 May 2008.  KARL & RUIS WEDDING


  1. Good to see you back. Your kitties have been missing you ++++. Give them hugs and kisses.

    That’s a great graphic of the kitties in preparation for Karl and Ruis’s wedding. Have you posted it up on their wedding guest list blog? If not, please do so. We all have!

    You should go and see what your boys were up to at the luau given by Opus and Roscoe for Karl and Ruis’ Batchelor Party. That was one big party!

  2. We are glad you got back safely and in time for the wedding! Thank you for posting at our reception blog, we very much appreciate it!
    See you real soon on board of Voyager!

  3. How’re you doing guys….

    We lost our tiny troop today, Monskitt, she went to bridge of rainbow last nite….and mommy Bunyu still not coming home, we’re hoping she’ll be back soon.

    -meaouwy troops-

  4. Oah Criz~!
    You are back~!!
    Welcome come home ~~~
    There are so many mouthes waiting there to be feed, hahahaha~~~~

  5. Welcome back! I think the entire J family was very well behaved while you were gone, and they kept us entertained, too.

  6. We’re tired just reading about your trip. It must be good to be home and to know Panther has been improving as you were gone.

  7. Welcome back, haf yoor kitties told you that you are not allowed to leave ever again? Glad to hear that Panther is healing up, dat is good news.

  8. we’re glad you’re back! what’s that you’re eating…a donut with CHEESE? YUM! why don’t we ever get anything like that?

  9. So good to have you back…and Panther too. It is so nice of you to help Panther and take care of him like you have. Hope you are all doing great!

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