Tomorrow will be the surprise party and we are ready to party all day long! Before that, we will still need our beautiful rest as we are tired from all the preparations. Can you see our faces? Do you think we looked tired? SHOWER01 Just look at the kids sleeping. It has been a long week of preparation for them too. In fact, I think Jeremy is so tired that I can hear him snoring very loudly. SHOWER02 We just had our showers too. We girls would smell like apples tomorrow. As for the guys, they had their share of blueberry. See how fluffy our furs are now. SHOWER03 Hmmm… anyone would like to try out these two? 😛 SHOWER04


  1. The kitties look so cute snuggling with each other. Rest up, BIG day coming up.

  2. Surprise Surprise – what a nice party you are having! Thanks for having me over and all my barkiest wishes


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