Thanks to everyone who had came in here to give us some comfort. I appreciate it a lot. The day went by rather hectic with me spending practically the whole day with Joey at the vet trying to get her all fixed up. It was indeed a terrible experience forRead More →

FOUR DAYS! That’s one too many days Janice has been away from home. My girl is crying foul play now. What else could I do then? Nothing! I have been sitting down in daze and cleaning up the whole place all the time to keep my mind occupied from thinkingRead More →

Ever since I had taken Janice to get the stitches off and the two seriously ill boys, Justin and Jayson to the vet, my hands had been tied up with so many “side effects” of their injections. The two boys were vomiting and purging wherever they go, leaving trails ofRead More →

Janice is back!! She’s home resting now!! I’m sure this is what all of you might want to hear, right? Well, she might be fine now but things for did not worked out as I had planned earlier. THE GOOD NEWS: Janice did not even realize that she was goingRead More →

I can still vividly recall about a year ago as I was at my mechanic’s place when a black kitten fell down from the roof and obtained a very bad injury. He was trembling and shaking vigorously. Both of us rushed him to the nearest vet. According to the vet,Read More →

The link above is where cat lovers all over the world gathered and share their updates on their pets on every Tuesday. Feel free to drop in if you are a cat lover. My vet was surprised to see me back so soon after Janice’s fever case a few daysRead More →