Ever since I had taken Janice to get the stitches off and the two seriously ill boys, Justin and Jayson to the vet, my hands had been tied up with so many “side effects” of their injections. The two boys were vomiting and purging wherever they go, leaving trails of their “messes” in the open. To avoid infecting the rest further with their still unknown virus, bacteria or parasite, I had to keep trace of their whereabouts practically every minute of the day. One mess and I will be wiping, cleaning and disinfecting the whole area. Boy! I can tell you that this was not an easy task and it did tire me out easily.

Anyway, Janice did real well at the vet even before her stitches were taken out. She is now running, jumping about and playing as normal. In fact, she just broke my dish bowl barely few minutes ago. Sweat~~ Justin and Jayson were given a jab each as both of them were having serious infections with Jayson being the worst case. I hope to get both of them in stable conditions soon. I also wished that the rest will have better bowel movements soon as all of them were also infected somehow or other with their stools being muddy and yucky all the time.

Well, here’s what happened when I brought the 3 kitties to the vet earlier this week. I would say, Janice has always been the brave one amongst all the J Kitties. Stay on for more.







Moreover, it’s tough to get the kitties to take their medications. I have to do it alone most of the time and not all of them were easy to handle, especially Justin who would act as though I was poisoning him with foreign substance. Is it really that hard to feed them tiny tablets and liquid medication? Well, I found out the hard way…



  1. I hope all of the J cats are completely healthy soon. You must be exhausted!

  2. I hope they are all so much better soon – all that medicine looks scary, but it’s also wonderful to know they are getting the medical attention they need. They really are loved. 🙂

  3. Oh my, we are sorry to hear that the family is sick! Hope all feels better soon!

  4. Efurryone at my house is purring for the health of your cats. We hope they all get better soon. It was very kind of you to come by my blog and welcome me while you were so busy taking care of them. Thank you very much.

  5. Daisy is right, you must be exhausted. We are purring for them to all get well and all stay well.

  6. Poor Criz 🙁 You really do have your hands full!!
    I hope the kitties get well soon
    Purrs Mickey

    ((((((((((HUGS CRIZ)))))))))))))))

  7. Author

    Thanks Daisy, Katie, Napaboaniya, Meemsnyc, KellyKat, ML, Alexi & Mickey for your kind purrs and prayers. I appreciate them a lot.

  8. Hi guys!!!! My SS is in Hong Kong now with full internet access. Whew! We are catching up on the news. Hey, sorry to hear that some of you are sick but congratulations on the new members of the family. The kittens are sooooo cute.

    Hang in there, kitties and Criz! You’ll be right, as the Aussies would say.

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