I get really stressed up when one of my kitties decided to pull a stunt as this. Playing missing for days is not something that I like at all. First it was Papa Jonathan, then Mama Jessica and now it’s Jayson’s turn. I am just waiting to see who elseRead More →

UPDATE: 11.35pm Jayson is still not back for his dinner or supper. I’m getting real worried now. Where could he have gone to? Obviously he was not the type that would break out and never come home for any of his meals. Haizz… I was to write a post todayRead More →

As I was lying on my bed coughing furiously, Papa Jonathan jumped onto my bed. I grabbed him and wrapped him around as if he was a bolster like the good old days. Sensing that I was not feeling great, he gave out a soft purr. I looked into hisRead More →

The night was cold, wet and long,With stuffy nose and hoarse throat.Trying very hard to sleep but not for long,As the mind was filled with many wildest thoughts.Walking here and there wondering what I could do,Ended up praying hard for a brighter tomorrow. Hope is all I had in myRead More →

Before anything, I would like to thank everyone for your prayers for Mama Jessica to come home. She has yet to come home for more than two days. I am real worried for her safety and health. She has not eaten at all and the weather had added to myRead More →

It has been more than 24 hours since Mama Jessica got lost. Even the search party of 4 did not find her anywhere within the neighborhood. They have asked all the neighbors and searched through any possible spots that she could have been hiding, but without any luck. Where couldRead More →