MISSINGMAMA01 Before anything, I would like to thank everyone for your prayers for Mama Jessica to come home. She has yet to come home for more than two days. I am real worried for her safety and health. She has not eaten at all and the weather had added to my stress. It had been raining continuously for the past 2 hours and I hope she can find a place to keep herself warm and dry. The babies are all so worried that they were totally inactive and extremely well behaved. Whatever toys that I gave them, they have no interest at all. The only thing they are interested in was to jump onto my bed and kept me warm. MISSINGMAMA02 Janice and Justin have been extremely close to me as they are the closest to their mummy. Without their mummy around, they seemed lost. All the babies have lost their appetite too, scattering over the house waiting for their mama to return home. I managed to get a few friends of mine this evening to search the roof top every alternate hour but Mama Jessica was yet to be found. This getting real scary every minute and I can’t do much too now. I have been on antibiotics and other medications that I am feeling even worst than normal. I felt as if I am in zero gravity. My fever subsided but the throat is getting tighter. How am I going to attend my Mum’s birthday BBQ dinner later in such a condition? What a bad timing for everything to happen! I do not think I have the mood to enjoy too as Mama Jessica is still somewhere lost out there. MISSINGMAMA03 I do not know whether I am dreaming but I kept hearing her calling out for help. Each time I quickly opened the door to welcome her back, each time I was in a greater disappointment as she was not there at all. I even kept my porch lights on nightly to guide her back to the house. Many of you have commented that she was on heat again. Even if she was, there was no sign of that in front of Papa Jonathan. Don’t tell me she got bored with Papa Jonathan’s wild expedition and decided to forgo him? The babies are barely 4 months old too. I am still in a daze. I am worried sick now. Let’s just pray that she comes home safe. I have heard of cats gone missing because they do not want to appear sickly in front of their beans. I just wished this will not be the scenario I have to face soon.


  1. Yes, like Chey & Gemini said. Very worrying. We are all purring and praying for you and Mama Jessica.

  2. Got the word out to have extra prayers that Mama Jessica will be home soon. I know her babies miss her. Keep us posted.

  3. I am so sorry Jessica still is missing. This is very stressful indeed 🙁
    I am purring for you and the kitties.
    Purrs Mickey

  4. We are purraying and purraying that Mama Jessica comes home real soon!

  5. We are all purring and praying for Mama Jessica to return.


    Grace & Company

  6. Momma Jessica, please, please come home quick!!

    We’ll keep the prayers going that she returns soon. Worrying is awful and especially when you are ill, bad enough at other times. Hope Jessica can sense our pleas and prayers and returns home.

    Mindy & Moe

  7. Oh, mama Jessica, please come home! We’re all purring & purraying for your safe return.


  8. Oh no, we are all worried too and saying lots of prayers that Mama Jessica comes home soon! And we hope you are feeling better soon too!

  9. We are purring and purring! If you “hear” her call out she might be stuck somewhere – you hear her spirit call, not her real voice maybe – could a neighbor have taken her in and she can’t get out? If she IS in heat she might not be back for several days….. Can you have someone check the shelters, in case she was brought in? And put out flyers? We hope you will get better and have some good human friends who can help you!!!!!!

  10. Just checking back to see how things are. I am purring as hard as I can for Jessica to come back safe and sound. You look after yourself too! Please keep us posted.

  11. Have you put a blanket with the kittens’ smell on it outside? Maybe she will smell her babies and come home. Also, tuna smell travels a long way. You might try that.

    Prayers and good wishes!

  12. Oh no. I am very sad now. I am purring very hard that Momma Jessica will find her way home soon!!! PURRRRRRRRRRRR

  13. We are purring for Mama Jessica. Whiskers was gone for 2 weeks once but he returned safely although he was sick when he finally made it home. Don’t give up hope. ~Scylla, Socks, & Charybdis

  14. Oh Criz, I hope mama Jessica comes home very soon! We all are purring and sending ‘back home’ thoughts!!

    If she is in heat again, she doesn’t behave different than in her other ‘heat times’. If she was then around the house, she would be now, too.

    Thinking of the worse scenario doesn’t help, but I also know that’s a human bean thing…

    Is it possible to put, hold some of her kittens outside (not too cold and not in the rain) — if they start calling it is maybe heard by Jessica, and then her mother instinct will be stronger than anything else. And if she’s locked up somewhere nearby she calls back… maybe some friends can walk the neighborhood at the same time if they hear something.

    In the meantime will all 9 will purring very hard!


  15. We are so sorry to learn of this and purray that Mama Jessica will come home soon.

    prrrrrrrrs and gentle tail wags,
    Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

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