Jayson has finally come back but there’s a mystery behind his disappearance. I am still pondering how he could have disappeared for weeks and yet come back to be so clean and fat. Even his coat was as silky as ever. Did someone “catnap” him and pampered him to the extreme? He behaved as if nothing has changed before, taking his meal as usual and greedily staring at my piece of KFC in hand. With weeks of worries and missing the warmth he has on my feet each night, he suddenly appeared out of nowhere seeking for more food. It sounded real mysterious right? I have been asking every single house in the neighborhood and even those with pets (basically dogs) and none of them has seen him anywhere. Moreover, he’s quite a homely cat who would not wander too far away from home.

I guessed with his return, I can have less stressful moments thinking about his safety. Hmmm… something else sounded rather fishy here. Instead of moving towards me immediately, there was a short detour to Janice’s “lounge”. There were hisses and “grumbling” between the two of them. I wished I could understand cat language better… What do you think they are arguing about?







  1. glad to hear jayson came home. that is great news. i wonder how he stayed so clean and healthy. if only we could read their minds.

  2. Jayson, we’re so very, very glad that you’re home! Please don’t do that again – you worried your daddy and family so much.

    Purrs of celebration for your safe return!

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  3. How nice that he returned home and in such a good shape. I probably had been catnapped, it happened to Arthur 2 years ago, he had disappeared for 4 days and we had really started a research campaign, when he suddenly showed up. I suppose a kid had kept him in his room until the parents discovered it and freed him. Because he too wasn’t hungry or thirsty. But for 6 weeks he wouldn’t put a paw outside !

  4. What exciting news! We are so glad Jayson has returned. It will probably always be a mystery where he was and why he is so sleek and well-fed.

  5. That’s great news! But it is indeed a mystery. And I’ll bet Jayson’s not talking!

  6. So glad that Jayson is back! That IS a mystery, sounds like he’s been indoors and cared for all this time and somehow got out, making his way home to you! That happened to one of my cats when I was a kid. I was heartbroken when he disappeared and then he REappeared on Halloween night as I was going out trick-or-treating. I almost didn’t go I was so happy to see him!!!!

  7. Yay for Jayson’s return!
    Hope he stays HOME this time!

  8. We are so happy that Jayson is back home! Maybe you’ll eventually learn where he’s been all this time.

    ‘Kaika and the Yosemite cats

  9. Thank goodness Jayson is back home!! Maybe now that he's been out & about, he realizes where he belongs….

  10. I am so happy that Jayson is back home where he belongs. I guess where he was all this time will always be a mystery.

  11. Yayy! Welcome home, Jayson! Sounds like he was well-fed and cared for, though… We’ll never understand our little furballs, and that’s why mine never leave the house, except in their playpen or a carrier!

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