It has been more than 24 hours since Mama Jessica got lost. Even the search party of 4 did not find her anywhere within the neighborhood. They have asked all the neighbors and searched through any possible spots that she could have been hiding, but without any luck. Where could she be now? How I wished I am feeling better now to conduct another search party. My fever has gone down a bit (still 100 degrees) and the flu had made my brain so inactive. Each step I had taken made me feel like fainting. I guessed being on a liquid diet of cereal beverage does not help much in giving me the energy I required. MISSINGMUMMY Let me try to recall the past few days before Mama Jessica went missing. She has been acting rather weird (I should have noticed that). Whenever she came back from lazing in the sun, she would call for her babies. But when the babies approached her, she would just paw them away from having more milk. Although she did that quite often, she still play hide and seek with them occasionally, running in and out of the house. Last 3 nights ago, she kept rubbing my legs asking me to let her out after midnight. I said no and she showed me those fangs of hers. It happened so many times that it looked as if both of us were quarrelling. I would let her out of the house but surely not after midnight where there could be some dangerous predators out there. COMEHOMEMAMA Even Papa Jonathan has been acting weird too. He has been staying at home all the time and occasionally called out for her. He looked rather sad too. I am still wondering where else she could have escaped to? OMG! Don’t tell me she’s up on the roof again? She did that once before she had the babies and she came back dehydrated and hungry. I will get someone to climb up the roof later as I do not think I am fit to go up there with the frequent dizziness. Let’s pray that she could be found soon as the babies are missing their mummy a lot now.


  1. Hi again Criz. I am so sorry! You are going thru a triple-whammy here: the flu, the worms and now this. I think she is in heat and going out to find a new hubby! She will come home when she is all done dating. More babies. Oh noes!!!

  2. Oh dear, you’ll have to get better soon to cope with this. Shall I mobilize the Cat Blogosphere to purr for her to come back?

  3. Oh no, I hope Mommy Jessica comes home soon. I am so worried for you and the kitties.

  4. Criz – this is horrible – our hearts go out to you! You need to take extra good care of yourself – your body will be terrible assaulted – we know! When Anastasia went missing (and she never came back…)the butler and the maid got sick and lost several pounds each from all the worry and grieve!!!
    Oh we do hope she maybe is on the roof – I also think andree might be right and maybe she is in heat again! If that’s the case she should show up again…. so she can be fixed, hahahahahaha!
    Criz – our purrs are with you constantly – please keep us updated as soon as you know anything – there is nothing worse that a missing cat….. we know how you feel – but the blogosphere is alerted by Momo and they brought back both Mao and Annie after several days!!!
    Purr purr purr purr purr
    Karl and all who might still be here…

  5. We’re purring and purraying for Mama Jessica to come back home really soon.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  6. Momma Jessica come home all your babies need you…we will keep Momma J in our purrayers….


  7. It sounds likes Jessica may be looking for another roll in the hay. (That was almost funny, wasn’t it?) Sorry, anyway, she sounds like she’s gone into heat again and although she wants to be Mum to her babies, they may not need her milk anymore?

    I do hope that she comes home soon, being lost is very scary!!!

  8. We are purring and purraying for Mama Jessica to come home. Our Annie was gone for several days as you know. We’ll have the whole blogosphere purring for her!

    Hugs and headbumpies from Alexi and the gang at the Castle!

  9. Please come home Mama Jessica – we’re soooo worried! We’ll be purring.

  10. Just checking back – hoping she would be home already – no such luck! Hang in there, we are all purring and purring for her!!!!!

  11. Sassy cat alerted us to your missing mama and we stopped by to see if she is back yet. You need to be in bed resting, not running around worrying. We’ll have to keep checking. We hope she is found soon.

  12. Oh no! We are purring and praying that she finds her way home soon! We also hope you feel better soon. Sending healing purrs your way.

  13. Hi Criz! Gosh we reely hope Momma Jessica comes home soon! Yur not hafin a good week, sounds like. When my Mom’s sick an can’t eat, the best diet is bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. It’s bland but keeps her going better than liquid cereal. We’ll be purring fur Momma J to come home. Is she fixed? She may haf run off wif anofur man-cat.

  14. We are sending our strongest purrs to guide Jessica back home. As some of the others said, it does sound as if she is on heat again. We hope she soon comes safely home. We hope you are soon feeling better too.

  15. It’s a terible feeling when your cat just “vannish” – walks away – and you do not know what and where.
    I do not know how your breed are, but among Manx’females, it’s rather common that they in the age between 12-18 months suddenly dissapear for a while – some days to a week or two.

    And, when they have kittens, it seems like they need a rest, to be alone for a while. I sincerly hope this is the case here as well.

  16. We’re with the others; it kinda sounded like Momma Jessica was trying to get out to mate again. How old are the kittens? If they are around six months old, it is about time for Momma Kittie to push them away and start another litter, at least in the wild.

    A hint, maybe. In the US, if you lose a kittie or other critter, it can help a lot to talk to any kids living/playing around the neighborhood. It is an easy way to cover a lot more area, and sticky beans know a lot about what is happening in the area.

    Puurrrrrrring that Momma Jessica comes home soonest, and not knocked up.

  17. Oh dear, I hope Mama Jessica is found soon! I will purr my hardest for her.

  18. Criz!! I will purr very hard for mama Jessica to come back! That is so sad 🙂 I hope you are getting better too!!
    Purrs Mickey

  19. Criz, we also want to add our purrs and purrayers to all of the others. Let’s hope Jessica comes back very soon.

    Take care of yourself,

    Mindy & Moe

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