This week’s theme is on COLORFUL.The twins, Jimmy and Joey find that their liveshave not been so COLORFUL for some time.Will Daddy Criz find something new and COLORFUL to brighten up their days?Find out more in A COLORFUL DAY IN THE LIVES OFJIMMY & JOEY THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIMERead More →

I have always thought that Papa Jonathan was a Casanova since he hardly came home daily. I practically got use to his disappearing acts. Even if he were to be present, he would just take his meals within 5 minutes and out he goes with his wild expedition. It wasRead More →

Many friends have been asking me on how I managed to keep my face clean and sparkling all the time. Well, I have tried many ways doing the cleaning myself but I still could not get the perfect solution for a cleaner face. Not matter what products I use suchRead More →

I thought I had enough of rest for the week but it ended up with more things to worry about. Now I have to protect the twins from being abused by their elder brothers. I do not know how long this incident has been happening and how could Mama JessicaRead More →

Ever since I had taken Janice to get the stitches off and the two seriously ill boys, Justin and Jayson to the vet, my hands had been tied up with so many “side effects” of their injections. The two boys were vomiting and purging wherever they go, leaving trails ofRead More →

This week’s theme is on BRIGHT.BRIGHT could mean anything from shining, sparkling, glorious, beautiful, lively, cheerful, intelligent and promising.What do the J Kitties have in mind then?Stay tune and see what the brats have to say about being BRIGHT! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND VISIT! For those PhotoHunt members,Read More →

From the last post, we found out that Jeremy caught something out from his world. It turned out to be a roach which thought it was brave enough to intrude the territory of the J Family. In the end, it was a death trap. Jeremy caught it. Minutes later, theRead More →

Justin and Jeremy felt that it was extremely unfair for Janice to claim all the credits for being the sole alien hunter in the house. They decided to go alien hunting themselves. After checking all the dark areas thoroughly from upstairs until downstairs of the house, they finally ended upRead More →