This week’s theme is on BRIGHT.
BRIGHT could mean anything from shining, sparkling, glorious,
beautiful, lively, cheerful, intelligent and promising.
What do the J Kitties have in mind then?
Stay tune and see what the brats have to say about being BRIGHT!

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  1. Wah…graduation hat!! Definitely a bright cat…

    Ok lar ok lar, I wasn’t that ‘bright’ with my ‘bright’ idea this week ok. I got the hint 😛

  2. Your cats always have lovely and bright faces that makes me smile! So cute with the hat! lol-.

  3. Oh what gorgeous photos! 🙂 Well done Criz! 🙂

    From Leslie and the girls at topcatrules.

  4. Graduation cap he is a bright cat indeed hope you can invite us on his graduation party…see my entry..Thanks.

  5. Cute idea….love those bright golden eyes on the last photo.

    I went with bright colors myself….hope you can stop by. Have a super great weekend.

  6. Great post… love the little graduation cap.

  7. Oh a graduation cap? You’s a smart kitty!

    Mommy Bean’s has C.R.S. (Can’t Remember $hit) and don’ts remember if she saids tank you for the well wishs on the alien blurpy. FANK YOU!!

  8. mieoooow. what a Bright tribute to our beloved predators.

  9. That was a very fun BRIGHT post Criz!!!!!!!!!!! Those kitties are BRIGHT!!
    Purrs Mickey

  10. Hello ladies and gentle-Js,
    I think you should ask as many difficult questions as possible!
    Tabby Normal

  11. Cute! What a bright cat! Got degree from Catlifornia too!

    You made that graduation cap ah?

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