I wanted to attend Sassy’s Slumber Party this weekend but in the end I gave up because I could not get that piece of sarong cloth to be tied properly. I’m afraid that it would drop off if not tied securely. I wondered if the crowd would scream in shockRead More →

As I was lying on my bed coughing furiously, Papa Jonathan jumped onto my bed. I grabbed him and wrapped him around as if he was a bolster like the good old days. Sensing that I was not feeling great, he gave out a soft purr. I looked into hisRead More →

Would you believe that bad luck comes continuously for three times? The Chinese believed in that but I do not now about you. I am not a superstitious person by nature but it did hit me three times in a row today. Firstly, my modem got burnt up last night,Read More →

Jonathan finally came back from his expedition this morning. What? Six days MIA without food and clean water? This guy is really crazy. I hope he did not get any diseases from that bitchy stray out there. The first thing I did was to get him into a warm bathRead More →

I have always told that fat boy Jonathan that he should go on diet but he just never listen to my advice. Everyday he would gobble up 400g of cat food, followed by his marathon siesta. Even when he is awake, he would just laze around the couch and watchRead More →

Deana and her cute gang awarded Jonathan the Funniest Valentine Photo in the 2008 Toonces and Rollie Valentine Contest based on cuteness, sweetness, personality and fun. It was Jonathan’s first online photography contest entry and he won. Well, here is what Jonathan has to say to those who have supportedRead More →