I wanted to attend Sassy’s Slumber Party this weekend but in the end I gave up because I could not get that piece of sarong cloth to be tied properly. I’m afraid that it would drop off if not tied securely. I wondered if the crowd would scream in shock or drool in excitement if it ever came down unexpectedly? Haha 😛 Anyway, I hope Momo got entertained well with the company of Sassy, Opus, Roscoe, Karl and Ruis this weekend while SS is busy with her thesis. Do enjoy your party guys and gals! 🙂 JONPAJAMA


  1. You should have come! I am sure we’d have pins or something to secure your sarong when you think it’s going to come off!

    I learnt a thing or two at SS’s Pin and Sheet Party!

  2. I think a Sarong is a very difficult fashion to wear properly!

  3. What a shame you missed the slumber party because of a sarong. We’re sure Sassy’s SS has lots of safety pins.

  4. Now that is funny! Great choice for this week too. Haven’t had much time lately, even hard to get enough hours of sleep. I have posted for this week, come on by. I’ve certainly missed photo hunting.

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