JJBIRTHDAY04 Jonathan finally came back from his expedition this morning. What? Six days MIA without food and clean water? This guy is really crazy. I hope he did not get any diseases from that bitchy stray out there. The first thing I did was to get him into a warm bath as I mentioned in my earlier post. Gosh… the same old flea problems again? Grrr… two hours of bathing, drying and flea-pinching again! Well, since today is his special day, I just let him go without much cursing… but not for long… haha!  JJBIRTHDAY01 The most coincidental thing is that Jonathan and Jessica are sharing the same birthday as my god brother, JJ. See! Even his name starts with a “J”…haha! There were not much of celebrations, except that I got some cakes and held a small cake tea party. I am sure you can guess what type of cake I got for them. It is a mousey cake!  JJBIRTHDAY03 Did you all love your cake Jonathan and Jessica? I am sure they do at the rate they gobbled down the slices within minutes. Even the babies were enjoying themselves. Cecil did write an article on “how bad chocolates are to the health of cats and kittens” but I guessed once yearly on their birthday should not be that bad at all.  JJBIRTHDAY02 Anyway, Happy 1st Birthday Jonathan and Jessica! Happy 22nd Birthday bro! Psss… Jonathan did get lots of presents for his birthday, I will mention about it soon. Do keep a look out for my updates. Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!


  1. Happy, happy, happy birthday! I am glad you came home just in time.

  2. Happy Birthday to all the J’s (even the hooman one!). I am hoping that everyone eated a VERY VERY small piece of chocolate cake because even just a tiny bite can be lethal.

    ‘It’s becoming more widely known that chocolate is very toxic to both cats and dogs. Theobromine is the offending substance here.’

  3. so spoiled! Haha! Chocolate cake! My mum would never hear the end of it if she ever gave my dogs even a tiny piece of chocolate chip that wasn’t formulated for dogs! 😛

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