I thought I had enough of rest for the week but it ended up with more things to worry about. Now I have to protect the twins from being abused by their elder brothers. I do not know how long this incident has been happening and how could Mama JessicaRead More →

The twins, Jimmy and Joey have grown up well. Being barely 18 days old, they had already started to create so many headaches for the rest of the J kitties, especially one. I just wonder why he has become their victim of abuse… haha. Maybe it could be due toRead More →

Jeremy finally found out about the hardship in taking care of babies when he had to help Mama Jessica keep a watchful eye over Jimmy and Joey. He had been grumbling nonstop for minutes to Janice. Janice also decided to check on the kiddos but with one meow and sheRead More →

I had received a few comments that I might have given my new twins the wrong names as they were supposedly born as calicos. It is believed that 99% of calicos are females. Well, there is still a 1% chance that Jimmy is actually a male which is very rareRead More →

UPDATES: 8.32PM ********************************************* This is not a mathematics lesson but you read the answer right. EIGHT! The J Family has increased to EIGHT members today. This is something that I was trying to avoid by wanting to spay her earlier but somehow she got pregnant after missing for 4 daysRead More →