I had received a few comments that I might have given my new twins the wrong names as they were supposedly born as calicos. It is believed that 99% of calicos are females. Well, there is still a 1% chance that Jimmy is actually a male which is very rare in the families of calicos and tortoiseshells. Even veterinarians and breeders who are the experts in determining the sex of a kitten had made errors before, what about me? I’m still an amateur in he cat’s field.

Now this is rather confusing as I had determined the sex of Janice, Jayson and Justin when they were just hours apart from their births and I did not get the facts wrong. Could it be that I had made an error this time? I can confirm safely that Joey is definitely a female as her “slit” is always wet when I tried to hold her up. The distance between the “slit” and anus is short, thus making no ways for “balls” to grow when she gets older.



As for Jimmy, I could find no “slit”. I could only find a “dot” hole which is far apart from the anus. There looked like two small “sacks” between the “dotted” hole and the anus, which according to researches that only after 4-6 weeks can we see obvious growth on that part.



I could be wrong as the kittens are still too young for me to name them. What more to identify their sex. If I were to have Jimmy as a male, then he would be the most precious thing in my life. If you are an expert in differentiating the sex of a kitten, you can perhaps check through the photos above to reconfirm my doubt. (You can click the thumbnails photos for bigger scales.)


  1. It is a boy and girl, Criz! Our staff has seen many kittens and even did not biggify the photos. 🙂

  2. PS — the kinda Abyssinian tabby color they got from their parents Jess and Jon looks like red but IS (genetic) black! 😉

  3. I have no experience with that. Pumuckl was our first and only kitty and we gave him a male name although he is a girl 🙂

  4. Well, Joey is a girl and Jimmie is a boy! But….they do not look like calicos. Sorry…..but what they are is ADORABLE.

  5. I tinks you gots a boy and a gurl… maybees dey not calicos.

    Dey is cute. Hope Mama kitty has stopped bleedin.

    hope you iz doing bettur too!

    Katie Too.

  6. Looks like you are a proud father of a baby boy to me!

  7. hmm, our mommy definitely not an expert to identify this one;) she always mixed up, hahaha…..

    btw, it’s our pleasure if you can join us on tree adventure!

    meaouwy troops

  8. Errr sorry,, I’s dont know the answer to thats. I knows I am a female though, does thats help?

    Fanks for the well wishes, its great to has Mommy Bean home.

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