The twins, Jimmy and Joey have grown up well. Being barely 18 days old, they had already started to create so many headaches for the rest of the J kitties, especially one. I just wonder why he has become their victim of abuse… haha. Maybe it could be due to the fact that the rest were too sick to be allowed near them. Try guessing who could that be? 😛

I allowed the twins to come out today when I saw them desperately trying to climb out from their enclosed box. Who could resist those cute faces and pathetic eyes looking at you? Mama Jessica agreed as they will need more space to strengthen their leg muscles. She did not even stop me from taking the twins out and was just sitting at a corner keeping an eye over all their playful movements.

Today was different. The twins were more courageous and adventurous in exploring more parts of the living room. They were no longer crying as before as they had given me the trust to be beside them. Joey loves to rush over to me whenever she could and climb up my lap. That left me with one question I would always ask myself. Why are all the female kittens and cats so attracted to me? I’m not even a tom cat… haha 😛 Well, I was not exactly the sole guy in the house that got the attention. Jeremy did too. In fact, I think he had received just too much attention from the twins. Why? Read on…







  1. Looks like a little fun and joy in the midst of the chaos you’ve been going through with so many ill at the same time. We hope they are doing better. You too.

  2. Oh no who pee pee’d in bed? Dat’s a big no no for us older kittys but ok’s for baby woofies and kits I founds out!

  3. The kittens are soooooooooo cute. I want to cuddle and squeeze them.

  4. Aww you are both so so cute! Look at those little claws! I just wanna snuggle them 🙂

  5. Oh how funny! The twins are just adorable!!! Poor Jeremy…there are no secrets with babies around!!! How are the rest of the J Gang doing? We hope that everyone is getting well. Criz….hope you are getting some rest!!!

  6. Only 18 days old and already critics!! Sick kitties have accidents little ones,hahahaha

    Purrs Mickey

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