February 2:
11.20am – Blood strains still everywhere… I hope the medications given would work faster. I’m forced to lock her up in the bathroom. She may look like she’s fine but inside her existed the pain that I would never be able to detect.

10.30pm – It has been a tiring day rushing here and there to get situations in order. The vet could not detect any problems with Mama Jessica, especially when she’s still under medication. More medications have been given to her to stabilize her bleeding. Another bomb~ sweat~ The only suspicion was that she tried too hard to poo and the bleeding came back. This should not be happening as I had changed her diet to semi dry food. I had used the latest Purina Friskies 2-in-1 Gravy Coated Salmon & Tuna Flavor where a little water would made them gravy like bites plus I had also added in some Whiskas’s Chicken & Tuna wet food. She should not have problem making her poo. She would be under strict monitoring again these few days. Let’s hope things gets better now. I’m getting real worried for her health now.

9.50am – Now she’s all covered with blood even after I have cleared all the stains on the floor! 🙁 Going off to the vet now… lucky it’s about 5 minute’s drive away.


9.33am – It looked as though I had murdered something in my bathroom. Panicky now~ Less than half an hour before the vet is open. 🙁



When things began to look bright and promising, I was hit with another dilemma half an hour ago. Mama Jessica bled again in spots all over my indoor and outdoor floors, cushion and my bed. 🙁


It’s to the vet again once they are open in another 1.5 hours. It’s going to be another stressful week for me with Chinese New Year being two days from now. I better get ready to rush her to the vet very soon as today would be the last day they are open for business until next Monday. 🙁



  1. Why do these things always happen right before a weekend or a holiday begins?
    We are all sending super-purrs & prayers.
    Love & Purrs,
    KC & Mom ML

  2. We hope that Mama Jessica will be ok, we are purring for her.

  3. Poor Mama Jessica! We are purring & purraying our hardest that she gets well soon.

  4. Oh no! MEGA purrs and healing universal energy (i.e. Light) coming to Mama Jessica. Please update if you can.

  5. Oh dear how frightening for both of you – we are purraying that she gets quick attention and they can stop this quickly. Please let us know what
    the vets say.
    We are sending purrayers and gentle headbutts to Mama Jessica and to you Criz.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. So sorry Momma Jessica is having problems again. Hang in there, all of you.

    If it is any help, it took the V*Ts several trys before the got Luna's medication dialed in. So don't give up. On the good side, girl kitties very seldom block entirely. Momma J might not be real happy, but at least she can still pee when she needs to.

  7. We are sending healing purrs to Mom Jessica. Have you tried giving Mom Jessica pumpkin or yogurt? It is suppose to help with digestion. Hope the medicine works soon. Paws crossed Mom Jessica is on the mend.

    Comforting purrs and hugs for you Criz.

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