Two months ago, Jess had her first experience in giving birth. It was also my first time in watching kittens being born into this world up so close. It was a wonderful experience to help out a cat and be prepared in case there were complications during the delivery. PriorRead More →

One of my kittens is setting a bad example now and Mama Jess is also bored of scolding further. Who could it be? Every time I tried to investigate who the culprit is, all the kittens will act as if they are innocent. What I know is that the latestRead More →

Hi! My name is Jeremy, the newest member of the J Family. I am going to host today since I am the hyperactive one around while the rest are still busy snoring away. The weather has been cold and wet for the past one week. Even Papa Jon has notRead More →

It was only three days of vacation with her adopted family and Janice was returned to the house this evening. According to the family, she was just too much for them to handle. She was such a brat, jumping up and down the whole place, claiming certain areas of theRead More →

My friend Wilson came over to collect Janice back to his place barely few minutes ago. He was rather excited with the beauty, obedience and cuteness of Janice. Who won’t with such a beauty? I do hope that she will be pampered and loved at as I did. I justRead More →