One of my kittens is setting a bad example now and Mama Jess is also bored of scolding further. Who could it be? Every time I tried to investigate who the culprit is, all the kittens will act as if they are innocent. What I know is that the latest addition, Jeremy has been real hygienic and obedient in defecating in the strategically located litter box. Janice, Jayson and Justin would be playing and running from the sitting room until the kitchen after each meal. One of the three brats will somehow be caught red-handed (red-pawed I meant :P) by me one of these days. I am going to show you how Janice will react each time I went over to see where she was. Gosh… if only I can read their minds and understand their language now! Who is the expert in cat and kitty languages here? JANICEACT01  JANICEACT02  JANICEACT03 JANICEACT04 JANICEACT05 JANICEACT06


  1. Little Janice is far too cute to have made a poo-mistake!

  2. Janice is my favorite.
    The cute ones always
    try to get away with
    something because they
    know that they are
    poo-tiful. 🙂

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