LABOR Two months ago, Jess had her first experience in giving birth. It was also my first time in watching kittens being born into this world up so close. It was a wonderful experience to help out a cat and be prepared in case there were complications during the delivery. Prior to the delivery, I had browse through many websites searching for information regarding cat birth and the ways to prepare for one. Since Jess was a homely cat, I had to make sure that I was well prepared to welcome the kittens safely. I would like to share the information and experience that I had gained with you all. There was an alert as Jess’s pregnancy was long overdue. The gestation period for cats is normally about 63–65 days but Jess only delivered after 70 days. There was no warning at all. She did not even inspect the properly lined with thick towels large boxes which I had placed in a few dark corners of the house for her. The moment I placed her into one of the boxes, her amniotic fluid (water bubble) suddenly spurt out. I quickly grabbed her and placed her into a cleaner backup box with more warm towels. Based on my research, prior to going into labor, a pregnant cat may become restless and keep on hunting for a nest to deliver. She will become restless, pant a lot, purr and cry loudly, having a drop from the normal 102ºF/38.9ºC temperature, stop eating and may vomit or discharge blood. Surprisingly, Jess did not show any of those signs. In fact, she was still busy munching away 10 minutes before the first delivery. Coming back to the topic, more fluid spurt out and with a soft cry, an amniotic sac came out with Janice inside. By then, I was already prepared with surgical gloves on both hands. Luckily, Jess was fast enough to lick open the membrane or else Janice would have suffocated. I was also having the forceps, scissors, antiseptic solution, warm water, unwaxed dental floss and towels on standby if she needs my assistance. She managed everything real well. She bit the umbilical cord near to the tummy of Janice within minutes and pulled out the placenta. It was gross looking at her chomping down whatever there was left from Janice. She did the same on Jayson and Justin’s umbilical cords and placentas too. I thought I was having four kittens from what I felt earlier on Jess tummy but in the end she had three… three healthy but playful kittens in my newly called J Family. By the time I cleaned up the not-so-messy-as-I-would-expected boxes and shifted them into another clean and well-toweled box, I was already exhausted. It was almost 6am in the morning. But it was worth it to be able to assist in a delivery and you can see how happy and hyperactive the kittens are now. THANK YOU


  1. Wow, it is a little miracle! This was very educational. I thought babycats came from the Stork. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. This was an excellent post–equal parts educational and touching! You’re an excellent daddy…just look at those cuties!

  3. What a wonderful story of this very special moment!
    Happy ending too 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing! You did a lot of research and it was great you were there to help Jess. The only time one of my cats was pregnant, I was at work when she delivered 🙁 She had 4 gorgeous little kittens, what a sight that was when I came home from work.

  5. Criz: this is so much like our kitten birth story. Isn’t it strange? We trade kitten stories like baby stories! It’s a beautiful story and you’ll remember it forever. What wonderful photos!

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