“After so many years and I still could not understand what he, she, errr… it wanted!” That’s exactly what I have been stating all the time, not about the beans but on the furry little J cuties in my house. When they were in their “teens”, there’s lots of love and sharing amongst themselves. As they grew older, it’s more like “This is mine. You get lost!” There used to be a few bowls of food and clean water hanging around the house for their consumption. Now it’s like 9 each of food bowls, water, easing pits and bedding for each individual but only one bean to do all the clearing up daily. Sweat~!! Who said bringing up “kits” would be easy? But that was what I had committed since day one I had decided to keep them as a family. Now I’m wondering if I should get those combo platters that I have seen online to ease my picking and cleaning up time.


Food for them has never been a problem as I had quite a few great suppliers around to give them varieties, including their all time favorite – KFC. LOL! Well, minus the skin, fat and hardy bones. Of course that would be once every few months or else they would be obese. Err… My 3 angels, Jessica, Janice and Joey are sort of clumsy now and somehow Jimmy can sense when would be the next treat. 😛


One problem I still faced today would be the litter problem. Nine litter boxes in the house might not be enough for the 9 J Kitties. I would need another litter box for the house as advised by some of the solution providers I had asked around. I’m sure my neighbor would have heard me screaming almost daily, “Who peed on my mat, dining table or floor again?!!” Haha! Well, the mysterious culprit has been acting real smart. I had not figured out who it was. Neither could I get a direct answer from any of them.


Then who could it be? Can someone please give me some feedback?




  1. Such innocence. How could you even suspect them? Must be a kitty that drops by just to pee on occasion?

  2. Author

    I don't think so Jan. It has to be one of them as I had all the exits sealed. 😛

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