The weather these few days has been rather gloomy and wet towards the late afternoon. Not only was I stuck indoor most of the time, so were the J Kitties. I thought the weather was already bad outdoor but eventually it was even worst inside the house. The whole place was wrecked by the worst case of thunderstorms and tornados. Culprits… 9 kitties decided to be in their most cheeky and playful moods on a wet day. Results… flying pieces of newspapers, badly torn box cartons, walking floor mats, overturn buckets and some half eaten aquarium plants. Even my toilet roll has been disfigured to look like a porcupine.

I was lucky my cups and plates were not involved in this recent “natural” disaster. LOL! The worst part is that every single one of them had that angelic look on their faces as if nothing had happened… Gosh! Don’t they ever pity this Daddy having to clean up all the mess after each storm? I’m truly exhausted each day…




Huh? Dinner? I guessed plain white bread with water would suit such convicts now… Haha… as if I would… I have always pampered them a bit overboard… you know just a teeny weeny bit only… 😛


  1. Wow, sounds like quite a storm blew through!! Sounds like our house sometimes with the seven of us wrecking havoc! Loved the part about the angelic faces 🙂

  2. Such cuteness surely can’t stir up a storm. I’m sure Daddy is exaggerating!

  3. I’m sure those cats got plain white bread and water for dinner.
    Hee hee.

  4. We agree with Praline – a video would have been great!!! We do the wild thing when the weather changes too!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

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