This week’s theme is on WILD.
Well the twins had their first steps
out into the WILD world out there today.
It was their first WILD safari in the garden.
They have seen a lot of new things
including a so called WILD lion’s tail.







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Thank you and have a Nice Weekend!


  1. I can see the J(s)’s father going wild snapping pictures on a sunny day! 😛

  2. Haha..Criz, they look just too cute to be wild! 😀

    I posted mine too, HERE! Happy PH!~

  3. That is definitely a seriously cute cat, all of them are. Fun take on wild.

  4. A creative, and wild entry!!! Love the captions 🙂 Happy photo hunting!

    My entry is here

    Stop by if you have a moment.

  5. Love the 2nd shot where they are both looking the same way!!

    Happy Weekend.

  6. So cute! Every week you make me like cats more and more. 😀

  7. Now those are the kind of “wild” cats I’d love to meet up with…

  8. The kitties are sooooo cute – you must be getting rather used to me saying that and wish for more creative comments.

  9. Wildly cute if you ask me. Happy weekend Criz.

  10. all are purrfect, but the next to the last one is just gotta be my favorite.

    My wild is posted…the wildness of nature. Come see.
    Happy Hunting.

  11. Funny — Joey’s tail’s so bushy I thought it belonged to a dog rather than cat! ;D

  12. What beautiful photos, Criz! You get better and better and better!

  13. Well, for a second, I thought it was a wild lion’s tail, too!

  14. A lot of wild cats on PH this weekend. Love your commentary!

  15. Great set of shots! But forever cute is right 🙂

    Thanks for visiting mine earlier.

  16. What a fluffy cat tail! It almost looks like it belongs to a different kitty, the front end is so sleek!

  17. I’m really impressed by the quality of the Photos and the effort you have done to present our beloved Cats this way.

  18. The kitties are too cute to be WILD!
    All of them in your house must make you WILD sometimes,heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  19. Cats are always so curious. I’ll bet their first safari into the ‘wild’ was full of adventure.

    (Thanks for stopping by earlier)

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