The past few days, I was down with severe migraine problem which caused me to feel nausea and also sleep a lot. A little bright light from the computer screen itself will make me dizzy and sick. Luckily, I have a good friend around to help me handle the J Kitties’ basic needs or else they would have been starved to death. Thank goodness! Things were quite normal for those few days with the twins playing nonstop and the rest lazing about for the whole day.

It was not until I opened up the front door just to get my mail from the postman. Suddenly, I heard a scratching sound coming from the garden sofa and went to inspect it. I saw one tiny skinny baby rat scratching at one corner of the sofa trying to hide itself. It was weak and scared.


Don’t tell me one of kitties preyed on it the night before? I was sleeping most of the time to have the opportunity to monitor who came in and who went out the previous night. It could not have been Mama Jessica as the twins were always attached to her. Who else could be the attacker? I was checking through each of the kitties but they gave me all sort of innocent answers…






I am puzzle with what had happened. It still remained a mystery. Since I was still quite immobile, I managed to get my friend to free that pathetic sick looking rat in one of the far away garden. I hope I did the right thing but let’s hope it will not return to my garden again. Hmmm… any one has any verdict on this mystery?



  1. I think Daisy is correct. No one looks guilty. Also, I am not sure that ratty would have still been alive if any of them had found him!

  2. How on earth did you manage to get all those great photos when you were suffering from migraine? SS is perfectly well and she takes lousy photos.

    The J family is gorgeous. such innocent looks!!!

  3. Poor boy ! now I understand why you haven’t been around and even missed COT ! It seems you found your humour back so I suppose you are better. Cute ratty story, lol !

  4. Criz, only you could post such wonderful pictures and captions about a rat! (with a MIGRAINE TOO)

    We agree that all the J’s look very innocent!

    Do you think the rat is okay?

  5. Mommy forgot to say this:


    We hope that your migraine is gone. Mommy has those and they are horrible!

    Love, us

  6. Hi Criz,

    Thank you very much for swinging by and i seriously enjoy reading your blogs! Wonderful blog and very impressive…. Love your kids and they are so cute!

    So how many cats you hv in total? Oh yes Ninja is my kitten cat and i now have 3 cats + 3 kittens (cramping in a small apartment!)….

    Nice to know you and i have linked your blog from mine, hope you dont mind?

    Thank you and keep it up!

    P/S: im much better now, gotten my blood tested today…. 🙂

  7. Sorry to learn you’ve been down with a migraine. No wonder you’ve been so quiet. We hope you are feeling better today

  8. Hope you are better. We remain impressed by your stamina.

    Purrs to Criz and nose-kisses to the J family from Momo

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