This week’s theme is on CLOUD(S).
I have been down with acute migraine recently,
and have been watching over my diet carefully.
One of the ingredients which I had used for my healthy
cooking included the CLOUD EAR FUNGUS, or
scientifically known as Auricularia auricula-judae.
This jelly-like fun fungus can be found easily
right after a rainfall in the woods.


For centuries, the Chinese traditionally used
this CLOUD EAR FUNGUS in their cooking
as it is claimed to have medicinal values in it.
Some of the known uses included strengthening of
the body, hemorrhoids, hemoptysis, angina, diarrhea,
wading off gastrointestinal upset, diabetes, cancer
or even as a DNA repair agent.
The fungus can be easily purchased dried from any
of the Oriental shops throughout the world.
Here is a dried CLOUD EAR FUNGUS compared
to four times its size when soaked in water.


I would normally soak a small piece of the
CLOUD EAR FUNGUS, some Chinese mushrooms
and stir fry them with sliced cabbage, carrot,
big onions, spring onions and some beaten eggs.
This is how it looked like.


I would also like to add it another meat
dish to complete my meal with rice.
What do you think of my Stir Fried CLOUD EAR
FUNGUS Mixed Vegetables and Tempura
Chicken with mayonnaise salad?


Oh oh… I better hide my dinner before any
of my J Kitties decided to take a piece
of the Tempura Chicken each.




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Thank you and have a Nice Weekend!


  1. *smack Criz head* make me drool again with your dinner again huh!! *hmmrpf*

    p/s: I know how to cure acute migraine!!! Aim the wall, smack head right on the wall, go into sleep pain gone!! 😛

  2. That’s a great take on the theme. I learned something and now I want to eat. I’m sorry you’re a migraine suffer. Hope you have a good pain free weekend.

  3. lol now that’s a creative take on the theme. i was expecting clouds and not ear fungus 😛

    great take on the theme 🙂

  4. Hey Criz, it is said that 100plus + plain water help ease migraine. I too, suffer from migraine very often and would normally use the 100 plus remedy and at times it helps. If it gets really bad, no choice, it would be pain killer…. I know it is bad…

    Hey u cook?? It looks delicious and you make me longing for food at this hour!!!


  5. Cool choice for todays theme…. I may have my head in the clouds, but I have my feet well set on the ground…. mine’s up too hope you can drop by…Happy weekend!

  6. Haha what a wonderful take on the theme. I love it. I take it that kitty would not be haqppy with the fungus when meat is in the offing!

  7. Well, that’s certainly a different take on the theme! I must mention this to my daughter who suffers from migraines.

  8. Hehe… cool idea! I took a different take on the theme myself, but yours is just head on!

  9. very interesting… never had that before, so I guess I need an open mind.. original for sure!

  10. I’m with the cat Criz, you can have the cloud fungus. Good post, interesting. Too bad about the migraines. They are horrible. Have a good weekend.

  11. What an interesting and educational take on the theme, never heard of the cold ear fungus, your dishes seem delicious, mmmmm!!!

  12. i love mushroom. this is a good interpretation!!! Criz, get well soon. Rest well and stay indoors. its too hot outside and not good with migranes 😉

    Pearl – have a good resting weekend. its too hot here in singapore and im styaing indoors 😉

  13. Very interesting take on the Cloud theme. And the food looks yummy, too. Although we know which food the kittie prefers.
    Hope your migraine is better, those are terrible.

  14. I like your different approach to the theme and I have never heard of ear fungus. Very interesting!
    Hope you feel better now and I wish you a happy weekend.

  15. Now that is a different take on the hunt. Never would have even guessed there were such a thing called cloud mushrooms. Are they tasty? Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. I’m with your kitty’s thoughts…tempura…keep the cloud fungus. LOL

    My clouds are posted, a bit different in ‘take’ this week, stop by if you can and see what you think! Have a great weekend.

  17. The cloud ear fungus looks pretty growing in the woods. We will take some of your chicken though we aren't big on fungus

    Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  18. I had never heard of that, quite an unexpected approach to the theme! I like it, and I love the kitty!

  19. What a creative choice for The Hunt. Certainly different than anything else I've seen today. Nice choice. Looks delicious. Hope your migraines go away and stay away. MY DH & DD also suffer – OUCH!

    Happy Hunting Criz!

  20. Wow, those look really yummy!
    I did not know there were cloud Fungi

    I will also take the chicken tempura


  21. I had a 3 day headache this week, so I feel for you… but I can’t say that the cloud mushroom is calling my name… the picture of the little J kitten, however, made me go “squeeeeee!”

  22. Wow -something new to learn everyday!
    Love the photo with the little white kitty cloud!
    Happy Weekend

  23. Interesting take on the theme! Headbonks to kitty – we prefer chicken too!

    We hope your migraine gets better.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  24. We’ll pass on the clouds, but gotta say those are the cutest pink toesies we’ve seen in a long time!!

    ~ The Bunch

  25. I think we had some of those last night! We were wondering why there was ‘seaweed’ in the low mein, but perhaps it was that type of mushroom!

  26. Yummy!!! More please, both chicken and the fungi.

    Hope you are feeling much better, Criz!

  27. Very cool I had never heard of those before! Kim

  28. wow this entry is different! this is my first time to see this kind of mushroom. thanks! =)

    great shots too.

  29. Did the migraine go away yet? I hope that you are feeling better!!!

    We just wanted to stop by and say “Hi”! Mommy finally got home so we can blog again!

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