This week’s theme is on HANGING.
What an appropriate theme for my two 34 days old twins,
Jimmy and Joey, who love to HANG on to
anything that they could get their paws on.
Let me share with you where they have been
HANGING about for the last one week.






Now you know why I have the urge to
change their names to “Tarzan” and “Jane”?
They just can’t stop climbing and swinging about!!


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Thank you and have a Nice Weekend!


  1. Tarzan & Jane sure look cute HANGING from that chair! hehehehehe Now if they can just get down again! Great take on the theme!
    Your FL furiends,

  2. Those are great shots Criz. Your kitties do look like Tarzan and Jane.

  3. I was sure you would have some photos of cats hanging around. I kinda’ expected to see some hanging from the curtains. Do your cats have claws?

  4. Cat lovers, like us, will be hanging around this post for years to come

  5. My cats don’t hang so much nowadays, but your hanging kittens are cute!

  6. Cute photos Criz, cats can always be relied on to hang about. Have a good weekend.

  7. the kittens are so cute! reminds me so much of my mom’s cats when they were young – Sky and Rain. Very playful. Sky has run away from home and Rain is not a mummy to 4 – cola, soda, cherry, sprite. Don’t ask me why they are named like tat…that’s mom…hehehe

    Pearl – have a good weekend!

  8. Good ones! Tarzan and Jane look like they’re having a grand time! 😀

  9. Cute, cute & sooo cute! & great names as well. thanks a lot for sharing.
    Have a nice weekend =D

  10. The Hanging Kitties sure give the Hanging Gardens a run for the money.

  11. sweeeeeeeeeeet!!! Love Tarzan and Jane’s very first photo. But of course, all photos for this week are purrrrecious!

    Mine’s posted, hop on over if you can find time! Have a super weekend.

  12. Oh, they are adorable hanging from everything.

    Shhh don’t tell the cats I said so as they aren’t allowed to hang from my furniture, I might have a rebellion on my hands. ~Alasandra

  13. Well, Jane does start with a “J”…but Tarzan…hmmmm….Jarzan??? Nope, doesn’t work!

    Did they ever get down!!!

    They get more adorable every day!!!

  14. Tarzan and Jane sound like good names for them! Very cute photos and captions!

  15. They are too cute! I’m surprised you don’t have any photos of them hanging from the drapes. LOL!! That was always a favorite spot for my kittens.

    Mine PH photo is up too!

    Also, don’t forget to come visit me to enter in my giveaway that starts on Sunday.

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