Daddy has gone outstation to attend a seminar this afternoon. He would not be around for a few days. What should we do? Haha… We would take over the house… take over the computer and… Ninja! Janice: How are we to have a party when the babysitter is around? We are not babies anymore you know? Guys…you better think of something fast! PAPERPLAY01 Justin: Should we create havocs in the house until he runs away? Jayson: We could but what should we do? Jeremy: I can always poo and pee there until he couldn’t stand it. Hehehe… Janice: Oh no Jeremy… you want your butts get sore? Jeremy: Errrrr… better not. Let’s think something else. PAPERPLAY03 Justin: We could jump here and there, run up and down the stairways and make lots of noises. Jayson: Aren’t you two afraid of getting your paws wrapped again just like the last time? You forgot that you two played so roughly until both fell down the stairways? Janice: Haha… I remembered that time. You two looked so funny. Jeremy: Yea funny and I can still feel my butts hurting now. PAPERPLAY02 Janice: Hmmm… We could play with this toilet roll. It was fun the last time when Daddy went out for a short while. Jayson: Hey! That’s a great idea! Kick that toilet roll down Janice! Justin: Eeeee Hawww… Here comes the Lion King, preying on a helpless toilet roll. Jayson: Don’t tear all Justin. Please leave some excitement for me too. PAPERPLAY05 Babysitter: Arrrgh… What do you think you kitties are trying to do? I’m going to tell your Daddy about this! Janice: **giggling** See! I told you he still thinks we are babies. As if we do not know Daddy won’t be in for a few days? Jayson: Just ignore him. He is our slave these few days anyway. Jeremy: Let’s continue with our play. Justin… take this! Justin: **tearing the toilet roll into more pieces** Growl~~ PAPERPLAY04 Babysitter: Now I had it!! Who volunteer to get whack on the butt first? Justin: Aikss… This babysitter is fierce! Jayson: I think we should scam! Jeremy: Oh oh… I think he meant it! Just look at those fangs of his! Arrrgh… run!!! Janice: Gosh… where did Daddy get such a Godzilla. He’s tough! The last one was easier to chase off. PAPERPLAY06


  1. Oah My God~~~
    This is really making sitter crazy~!!!!

    Well congratulations~~
    You have done your target!

  2. hehe Kittens sure knows how to tear ups that human litter box paper. Somethings I always wondered though, why’s do they use paper? Should’nts they lick themselves clean likes we kittys do?

  3. Hahahahaha! Playing with the toilet paper roll is a most excellent idea. You can drive the babysitter crazy!

  4. It’s only a toilet roll! I bet there’s more to come. Look out, babysitter!

  5. HA! That was very funny. I bet you could torture your babysitter for more entertainment. 🙂 The toilet roll was a good idea.

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