This week’s theme is OPEN.When one has been cooped up too long at one place,their level of understanding can somewhat be quite low.That’s exactly what happened when Mummy Jessicatried to explain to Jimmy that he should stayin the OPEN for a much longer timeas he has not been observant ofRead More →

This week’s theme is PURPLE.Do you believe that there’s a bit ofPURPLE in all of us?Well, one PURPLE surely set Jeremyto be in a stage of bad mood… PURPLE in mood means In Love, Romance, Heat, Passion,Sensual, Elated, Revitalized, Happy, Relaxed, Creative,Deep Thought, Keen, Intrigue, Mystical, Impulsive,Mischievous, Irked, Moody Gosh!Read More →

Times really passed by so swiftly. Within a few blinks, Jimmy has already grown up to be a fine gentleman… errr… cat! Two period of time remained vividly imprinted in my head… 1.37am (Jimmy) and 2.08am (Joey). Jimmy on one hand was the lucky one to be still living happilyRead More →

This week’s theme is MOTHER/MOM.Who could be more importantin our life than our MOTHER?To everyone in the J Family Kitties,Mamma Jessica is the greatest entity in their lives.Her unconditional love towards the family,her hardship and painstaking momentsto bring them into this world,her endless duties to ensure thateveryone are loved andRead More →

  This week’s theme is ADDICTION. I have just been framed by Janice for ADDICTION. I hope the kitties would understand that sometimes there are some work with tight deadline to be done urgently. They have not been ignored for sure… Why have I not hear from them about myRead More →

This week’s theme is SWEET.There are many SWEET things in the worldbut do you know that most of the timewe would not share them with anyone?You may call it greediness but to Jimmysuch sweetness contained manySWEET memories… THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND VISIT!HAVE A NICE WEEKEND!Read More →

This week’s theme is SPIRAL.There are so many things within our surroundingsthat are SPIRAL in nature…Sometimes, SPIRAL can have some inconveniences.Jimmy would have a better explanation for that… THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND VISIT!HAVE A NICE WEEKEND!Read More →

This week’s theme is FOREIGN.There is a FOREIGN smell near my bedthat made me feel uneasy all the time…Daddy is still trying to catch the culprit…I’m sure Daddy will catch him or her one day… THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND VISIT!HAVE A NICE WEEKEND!Read More →