1. I find spiral staircases hard too. I love the shot of your cat making his way on the spiral and the second one is good too.

  2. Aww what a little sweetie but perhaps the odd quiet night in would do the world of good! Happy weekend

  3. so someone or some cat actually has to walk up a spiral staircase. I was hoping for one this weekend.

    Happy weekend to you Criz.

  4. When drunk, try walking down a spiral staircase. Confirm you'll be at the bottom in split seconds……………tumbling down!!! lol

  5. A spiral staircase in Penang? Am wondering where in Penang that is!

  6. That is so cute and funny! I'm glad someone has a sence of humour here, because my posts are never funny.´Thanks for stoppng by and leaving a comment.
    Happy Weekend

  7. Better go easy on that beverage…is it a niptini??

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. We have a spiral staircase too! Of course, my human did not think to use it for this week's theme. No matter – I had WAY more fun with what we did use!

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