Times really passed by so swiftly. Within a few blinks, Jimmy has already grown up to be a fine gentleman… errr… cat! Two period of time remained vividly imprinted in my head… 1.37am (Jimmy) and 2.08am (Joey). Jimmy on one hand was the lucky one to be still living happily under my tender loving care. On the other hand, my lovely angel, Joey, left me so unexpectedly that the sadness of losing such a great companion still leaves a deep hole in my heart until now. I missed you Joey… a lot! How I wished both of you could have celebrated this wonderful day together. I missed all the fun and mischievous time you had with your brother when you are alive. Sob~


I might be hallucinating awhile ago but I could have sworn that Joey was here to wish her brother a great two years old birthday. Jimmy was acting rather weird today. He has been fully awake during his usual napping time and kept staring out of the windows. The usually quiet Jimmy has been giving out weird calls as well. I should think less for now as it might be a blessing in disguise to know that my little angel is still overseeing the happiness and health of all the J Family Kitties here. Everything has been so perfect around here for quite awhile without me ever to worry about their health and so on. Let’s pray that it would remain this way forever.


I’m posting this up at 2.08am to mark the birthdays of my two lovely twins. Happy Birthday Jimmy! Happy Birthday Joey!



  1. Happy birthday to Jimmy and angel Joey! Time really flies, I can't believe that it's been 2 years since the babies were born. Yes, Joey is definitely up there looking out for the J kitties.

    Keep well! We think of you often even if we don't come around as often as we would like.

  2. A happy birthday to the twins, Jimmy and Angel Joey.
    I had a very hard time posting on the CB today, this is just so sad.
    Fortunately I had your beautiful birthday photo to use.
    Love to all,
    ML and The Sherwood Kitties

  3. Happy Birthday Jimmy ! Joey anyway will always be in your heart and in your Dad's too !

  4. A very happy birthday to Jimmy and to Joey at the Bridge. Lots of purrs and hugs and healing universal Light to everyone!

  5. happy birfday at The Bridge, angel Joey. and to you here on earf wif your mommeh and family, Jimmy.

  6. What a sad birthday post, but yet appropriate. Happy Birthday Jimmy and Happy Birthday Joey at the bridge.

  7. Happy Birthday to you both…I'm sure you are celebrating fully either at home or at the bridge.

  8. Happy Birthday to Jimmy and Angel Joey! We'll bet there's a big party at the Bridge today.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. Happy birthday, Jimmy and Angel Joey. What a handsome duo you were/are. You have so many wonderful memories.

  10. Happy Birthday to Jimmy and Angel Joey! You may be gone, Joey, but you are not forgotten and will always be loved.

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