Another visit to the vet this morning was not a pleasant one too. I brought Jayson’s favorite food along to try to convince him to eat was not fruitful. All he did was to have a sniff. That’s all! Haiz~ His temper was up to the max. He got violentRead More →

Another confirmed case of FLUTD~ Grrrr~ Luckily I spotted the problem fast or I would be hard hit by another heartache moment. These bad luck streaks are beginning to get into my nerves. Even planning to take him to the vet at the earliest possible time was tough as myRead More →

It has been a week since Jimmy had gone away from my life and it still hurt a lot. Tonight right on the dot at 11.01pm, I had a wake where he took his last breath. It was a touching moment seeing all the J Family Kitties, namely Mama Jessica,Read More →

Oh no~ Not again! This time I got owned by the latest addition to the J Family Kitties. He’s around 8 months old. He’s Johann which carries the meaning of “God’s gracious gift”. He’s a gem indeed with an obedient characteristic just like my deceased Jeremy.   Ever since theRead More →

Jimmy finally get to be home again with a clean bill of health after being stuck at the vet for 10 days. Drips after drips, injections after injections. That was how it went day to day. At least he was closely monitored by the experts to ensure that he gotRead More →