Another confirmed case of FLUTD~ Grrrr~ Luckily I spotted the problem fast or I would be hard hit by another heartache moment. These bad luck streaks are beginning to get into my nerves. Even planning to take him to the vet at the earliest possible time was tough as my car had decided to “die” on me this morning. Jayson’s visit to the vet was delayed by 2 hours after the mechanic came to fix the problem. He only got to visit the vet at 10.30am. At least now Jayson is safely in the hands of the caring vets. By now, he would have gone through the operation procedures of inserting a catheter into his “ahem”. Let’s hope the vets are successful in draining out all the toxic in his bladder and get him back in top shape. I also hope he would get something into that hungry tummy of his as he has not been eating since dinner last night. I’m still waiting for the call from the vets now with good news that he has passed the critical level. I’ll be praying real hard these few days for his speedy recovery. I can’t afford to lose another cat as these 2 weeks has been real stressful to me… 

UPDATE 6.15pm: The vets managed to flush out Jayson’s urine from his bladder. The test results on the urine was not really good but at a safe level. Lucky I got him there fast. He has some crystal build-ups as well as traces of blood in it. Moreover, both his kidneys had swollen up. He’s now on drip with the necessary antibiotics to speed up his recovery, some pain killers and some B Complex to boost his appetite. I hope I can see him the first thing in the morning looking better… Still praying that he won’t have to suffer so much pain~


  1. We're glad that Jayson is in good hands. We're purring for a quick recovery.

    The Florida Furkids

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