Another visit to the vet this morning was not a pleasant one too. I brought Jayson’s favorite food along to try to convince him to eat was not fruitful. All he did was to have a sniff. That’s all! Haiz~ His temper was up to the max. He got violent even with me around to calm him down. I just don’t understand how could a quiet and violent-free boy of mine could have ended up this way. I guessed it could be the trauma he had for being so seriously sick and admitted at the vet’s for the first time. Whoever got near him has to be real careful of having their hands too near him.


What I hated most was his swiftness. Before I could warn the vets that there was a danger of him biting off the catheter, he pulled the whole 6″ tube out from his “ahem” within second! Gosh! Let’s hope he would not require that in him again or there would be a second operation charges for sedating him and inserting back the tube. Bad Jayson! He’s not helping me here at all with a tight budget. Moreover, I just gave the vet a call and he’s still not eating anything yet. 🙁 It could also be due to some signs of inflammation in his mouth. Luckily all his medications are done by injections. If not I would have expected more scars on the vets and helpers. I do hope to hear more news from the vets this evening.


I’m actually in a very solemn mood now as I just found out this evening that my jointly adopted and handicapped cat, Panther, had gone over the rainbow bridge barely 12 hours after Jimmy’s sudden death. After numerous visits to a few vets for second opinions, he died in the arms of my very supportive friend after being hard hit by a seizure from the old nerves related complications. I guessed my friend, even in sorrow, had to keep this news from me for putting me into more emotional stresses. I’m going to miss that chubby furry ball now. Rest in peace Panther… we gonna miss that cuteness in your face now.



  1. So very sorry for all the stress you're going through. We know you are very concerned for Jayson and we hope his health problems will soon turn around and he'll change back to the kitty you know.

    We remember Panther and are sad for his passing.

    {{{hugs}}}, purrs and pawhugs

  2. Arthur too was such an easy boy at the vet. But last time he changed into a wild cat, it was impossible to even take him out of the cage ! I had never seen my sweet Arthur like that ! The vet had to give him a shot like with a wild tiger otherwise he couldn't do anything !! Even I couldn't touch him and I wore thick leather garden gloves ! I think he must have some bad memories from when he almost lost his tail.

  3. We are so sad to hear about Panther. You are certainly going through a stressful time. We are sending lots of purrs and hugs your way.

  4. We're so sorry to hear about Panther and will continue to purr and pray for Jayson.

    The Florida Furkids

  5. We are so sorry to hear about sweet Panther. We have known the pain of losing a loved furry one, and we send you our most deepest condolences. May God fill your heart with peace and your soul with comfort. We know your dear Panther will be deeply missed. :'( Our hearts are hurting to hear this and we are so sorry.

  6. I am so so very sorry, and very sad that the cats went thru and are going thru this trouble and that you are suffering for and with them. ((((HUGS))))

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