Another day at the vet’s showed havoc. Jayson desperately wanted to go home. This was the second time in a row that he diligently opened his wire cage to try to escape from the vet’s place. Luckily the vets were not idiots either. They left his cage in a bigger aluminum cage house. However, he added another item in my vet bill today… a badly punctured IV tube to free himself. Yesterday, he pulled out the inserted catheter and needed to go through the whole operation procedure again to insert it back and today this new addition. What else is he planning to add in the bill next? Grrr… I just wonder how I could calm him down to finish off the treatment so that he could come home faster. Anyway, after a good wash up today, he managed to get some food into his stomach. Phew~ at least he was willing to eat some of the food i brought in yesterday. If everything would go well later without more havoc from him biting anything else, the vets would allow me to bring him home after he finishes a new bag of drip tomorrow. They said that his stress won’t help him much over there and I would also think so. 



  1. Eating is good! Please calm down Jayson. We know you want to go home.

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Jayson's is feerce! Relax a little, kittie, OK?

    Purrrrrring that Jayson doesn't destroy TOO much more before exiting the V*T entirely.

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