Jimmy finally get to be home again with a clean bill of health after being stuck at the vet for 10 days. Drips after drips, injections after injections. That was how it went day to day. At least he was closely monitored by the experts to ensure that he got the best treatment to be alive still. Well, it would be some time before I can stay scratch free as there are these huge vitamins feeding time again~ Argh!! Luckily, his appetite got boosted up and he’s on a eating spree now. I’m so glad that I could secretly put some of his vitamins into his food now instead of force feeding him as before. He lost 500gms before and now he gained back even more. Now I’m having a fluffy and fat cat again~ 🙂 



  1. Great news, Criz! We are so happy for you and Jimmy.

    Trudy and 'Kaika

  2. We're delighted to hear that Jimmy well again and is putting on weight.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. I'm so glad to hear that Jimmy's home and doing better! That's really wonderful news 🙂 Purrs and prayers coming your way.

  4. Ten days in hospital? Oh, how horrible. Glad to hear you're home now and feeling better, though. Bet you're even gladder!

  5. thanks cod you are mending wonderfully. now listen jimmy, just take all the meds and vitamins that your daddy will give you, it's for your own good you know.

    emma and buster

  6. we are so glad you are doing so much better! we can just see it in your eyes, your eyes look happy!!! 🙂

  7. We are so happy fur you, Jimmy! Way to go. This gives us hope. Prancer Pie has been so sick for 9 days and now we're force feeding him. You look great!

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