I am so happy that Mummy came over for a visit this afternoon. She had a big surprise for me. Can you guess what she brought over to my new home?


It’s my little brother, Rasanutta. She managed to save him from being abandoned on the streets. Let’s welcome him to our new home~ 🙂


Finally, I have my brother reunited here to accompany me and to play “chase” all over the house. It’s kind of boring that the J Kitties are still not receptive of my presence. All I need was a playmate to kill boredom.


Now I do not have to sit inside Daddy’s bath tub to wait for some excitements to fall from the ceiling… err… I did see some lizards hanging up there~ Hehe~ 😛


Aiks~ This little bro of mine is getting to be real mischievous now. Lucky I stopped him from leaving some graffiti on Daddy’s furniture.


By the way, Daddy is having a headache trying to get us new names. Do you think “Jerry” Upekkha sounds nice? It’s supposed to mean “holy” as I’ve been real… errr… ahem… holy, adorable, lovable, huggable, friendly, etc, ever since I stepped into this new family. Hehe~ Bro should be given the name “Jiro” Rasanutta as it means “second male”. Well, everyone thought he was a female until his “ahems” popped out almost 6 months later. What a late bloomer~ Gosh!


  1. hi nice to see your new addition. missing your posts for photo hunt.

  2. You two boys probably found the very best home ever.
    Criz, such a great article, almost fell off the chair laughing at the last two lines about the "late bloomer".
    What a shock that much have been.
    Adorable boys.
    Love & Purrs,
    Mom ML & Kitties

  3. We are so glad your brother got to come live with you. Names are so hard ………….we has dozens of them.

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