I am so happy that Mummy came over for a visit this afternoon. She had a big surprise for me. Can you guess what she brought over to my new home? It’s my little brother, Rasanutta. She managed to save him from being abandoned on the streets. Let’s welcome himRead More →

My sweet girl, Janice is finally home this morning after being “held captive” against her will for A MONTH. With all the health issues in the J Family, I didn’t even realize that time did pass by so fast. I have been very busy trying to settle some of theRead More →

Things seem to be better now in the J Family with Mama Jessica almost recovered. Yay! Janice can finally come home after I have settled her expenses for the 18 days of ordeal she had there… I hope. I missed her so much. I still can’t get use to herRead More →

It was one of those days when there were just too many chores in hand to complete and yet you still see continuous mess around the house. Well, kids! As they grow older, they tend to run, jump, climb, tear, bite and worst still wet wherever they can lay theirRead More →

This is one of the great news that many cats, kittens and beans are eagerly waiting for. Panther is back! I knew he would be fine but I was too exhausted from my recent trip to have the energy to check on him yesterday. After struggling to dig out theRead More →