When tomorrow starts without me,And I’m not there to see;The sun will rise and find your eyesAll filled with tears for me giphy gifs downloaden.I wish so much you wouldn’t cryThe way you did today,Remembering how I’d lay my headIn your lap that special way.I know how much you loveRead More →

When there was not much hope left in retrieving the last child of the SP Kitties after so many trips back to the abandoned house, he mysteriously appeared at a neighbor’s house f secure downloaden xs4all. Finally, he was brought over to my place this morning to be reunited withRead More →

I am so happy that Mummy came over for a visit this afternoon. She had a big surprise for me. Can you guess what she brought over to my new home herunterladen? It’s my little brother, Rasanutta facebook bilder aus chat herunterladen. She managed to save him from being abandonedRead More →