The world has become a better place for pets as more and more items are created for the best of the animals. There was this wonderful news that had appeared in our local daily today on Ernest, the first ever known cat to be given the gift to look at things better.


Well, my macho boy saw the news and cried foul over why he was not given a pair of contact lenses. He wanted to look as handsome as Ernest.


After much convincing, Jeremy had decided to forgo the idea of wearing contact lenses as it would be years before he would need a pair. Moreover, he’s only one year old and he would look more macho to be in a designer’s glasses. Hehehe…



  1. Hahha Jeremy all the ladeez will think you is a little biker studly man! Your dadda does Knowz best 🙂

    PES: It is an extra lovely story giving lovely Earnest sight again.. :))


  2. Jeremy, I think you is furry handsome in your glasses!

    Mama wants to know if dose contacts come in colors so Iago can have blue eyes again.


  3. O, Jeremy, you’s hansum biker dude, you’s like totally rad in those kewl glasses.
    Faith Boomerang, Missy Blue Eyes an KC

  4. Hi! We just left a donation in your Paypal account from the Snowman Ham-Mick raffle that we held. Concatulations!

    Luf, Us

  5. As always, so very cute, so very sweet.

    While we are here visiting, we send wishes to you and yours for a happy holiday season.

    Maggy & Zoey & Ann

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