Things seem to be better now in the J Family with Mama Jessica almost recovered. Yay! Janice can finally come home after I have settled her expenses for the 18 days of ordeal she had there… I hope. I missed her so much. I still can’t get use to her not cuddling by my pillow or between my legs each night. I hope I can get some good rest now without worrying about the health of the J Family Kitties…



  1. So sorry about all the sickness of the Js. I do see a little blood in the stool of my 3 cats. I do hope am not playing with fire.

    Are you keeping all the Js’?

  2. 18 days? Oh,Criz, we are so sorry you’ve had so much illness and expenses with the Js. You really do love and care for them!

  3. I am glad to hear that the J’s are all getting better. I know you will be much relieved to have everyone home and healthy.

  4. Oh my! We knew that it had been quite some time that Janice was at the vet but we didn’t have a count of the days. Looks like you may need some more raffles.

    We are glad that everyone is finally feeling better.

  5. I’m so glad things are better with Jessica – the previous post scared me!

  6. So Daddy Criz is losing weight and the J Family is getting fat and healthy.
    We’ve got several great raffles already planned, so folks can get some holiday shopping done and we can get some cat expenses paid.
    Take care and get some rest yourself…

  7. Yes, Criz, please get some needed rest. Good to hear Janice will be home soon. There are some raffles coming up!

    Mindy, Moe, Bono

  8. Good to hear that efurryone (including you) is getting better and that Janice is finally coming home. Keep well, stay well and I shall see what I can do to help with the raffles. Good of ML to run the raffles.

  9. we hope all goes well and Janice can come home soon. we are sending kitty love your way.

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