It has been raining continuously for the past few days and the whole place was drenched. My kitchen roof was leaking but no workers would want to work on a rainy day. So you can imagine that I have pails all over the floor collecting rain water. I hope they can expedite the repairs so that I can keep my kitchen dry all the time. One thing I realized. The J Kitties does not mind the tick tock sound of the droplets from the roof. In fact, they enjoyed playing with the water. Don’t you think it’s rather weird? All these while, I thought cats hate water.


Anyway, Joey and Jimmy seemed to enjoy playing with the water. The rest rather hibernate since the weather is so cool and nice, except one – Jeremy, my most mischievous brat! After playing for hours, the three of them finally decide to sleep too. Joey jumped back to where Jayson was resting and decided to give him some warmth. Jayson is recovering well now after his medication. According to the vet, he caught a mild flu. Phew! I thought I had another emergency at home.



As for the other two, Jeremy and Jimmy, they are like honey. They are always together, even when they are sleeping. You don’t have to guess, this is definitely what both of them are dreaming of now… Mummy’s milk! 😛



  1. Target and Au are indoors, looking out at the rain and complaining that it’s too wet for cats to go out and play. We’re investing in string and snizzle circles (hairbands to those who don’t speak Kitten)

    Me, I’m loving the cool!

  2. My cats dont like water at all.

    I love how you always give the pictures wonderful expressions.

  3. That last picture is SOOOOOOO CUTE!
    I really hate it when I can only visit every few days.

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