This week’s theme is on WRINKLED.
I have always told my friends that
life should be filled with smiles and laughter,
as the more you worry and frown,
the more WRINKLED areas you have.
That’s exactly what I told Jeremy as
he looked worried and frown all the time…







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Thank you and have a Nice Weekend!


  1. He, he, Jeremy is such a cute one!!
    I don’t mind ironing…much!

  2. Oh, oh!! What am absolute cutie!!

    Happy Weekend.

  3. Do not worry, I think you have a very smooth and good complexion!

  4. You do not have awe puwwfect!! and gowgeous..absolutely no need fow winkel cweam
    smoochie kisses

  5. They’re too cute! Nice idea too:D Never realized you can actually catch cat in wrinkled mood:D

  6. Jeremy, your daddy is lying to you! You are beautiful and don’t have wrinkles at all!

  7. haha. u truly animate your cats with human paranoia! great job!

  8. Jeremy is still cute and handsome despite all the wrinkles 🙂

  9. You are a vain kitty, looking for wrinkles 😀

    no need to worry, still pretty though 🙂


  10. With the stress you’re under, you should really pose your wrinkled forehead 😛 hahhahahaa

  11. I protest ! you are not wrinkled at all ! your face looks like the butt of a baby (only covered with fur of course !)

  12. Maybe you should start that business. Happy weekend Criz.

  13. Anti-wrinkle cream for cats?!! LOL, now I’ve heard of everything. You crack me up.

    Mine is posted: HERE

  14. Jeremy,I think your dad is teasing you!!!!
    You do not have WRINKLES!!!!! That’s just your furs!!!heeheehee
    Purrs Mickey

  15. Jeremy is very silly. But we agree with you Criz he should smile more. ~S, S & C

  16. You can use a product called PhotoShop on yer wrinkles – out momma uses it all da time. It’s a little expensive, but you only buy it once – then you gots to use it regularly.

    P.S. – we don’t even sees yer wrinkles – yer lookin’ good!

  17. Very purrty… any wrinkles you might have (which are very few we think) only make you that much purrtier.

  18. aaaaaawwwwwww, we don’t think you have wrinkles Jeremy! we think you just have wavy furs.

    we hope you aren’t worried any more. we will send you comfort purrs so you don’t get wrinkles ever

  19. Oh my oh my!! 6 cats? I can only handle 3 I think he he! Thanks for visiting me and my kitties! :):):)

  20. It’s going to be expensive buying anti-wrinkle creams. Ask Dad to iron the wrinkles for you. 😛

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