I did not have a good rest the whole of last night because I have to face with so many cases of breaking out within every few hours. In the end, I have not choice but to lock her in a cage. Before I could even have a short shut eyes, it was already time for me to meet up the vet for some solutions. Here’s the solution.


What do these pills do? They definitely were not for my consumption or for releasing my stresses, they were for Mama Jessica. Why? Why was she so angry over me for caging her in?



Now you know what those pills are for, right? They are birth controlling pills. Could you imaging that Mama Jessica has already started her howling and crying although the twins were barely a month and a half old? I thought that it won’t come so soon as the last one was more than 6 months after the birth of the triplets. Neither could I do anything to get her to the vet as she is still feeding the twins now. In order to fix her, I would have to wait for her to stop feeding the twins. Moreover, I will have to wait for another two weeks for her milk to dry up prior to the operation.

I wished that I could afford to have more babies as I adore them a lot but I have to stop it now. Eight is enough! Anybody want to toilet train the twins now? They are the experts in hiding their messes right now…


  1. Glad you were able to get her some pills. Now maybe you can get some sleep. ~S, S & C

  2. Poor Criz…. Glad that you found a solution to temporary solve your problem. Very soon the turn for my 3 kitties will come…. SWEAT…… hehehe….

  3. Oh, Criz, what a houseful. I have one too so I know how they can keep you running in circles and sleepless. Fortunately, all of mine have been spayed or neutered but, oh, how I remember …..

    So I’m sending you some extra zzzzzzzzzzzzzzs so you can get some rest.

  4. There used to be a tv show called "Eight is Enough" that aired a bazillion years ago. It was a comedy about a California family with 8 kids. We sure hope you can some sleep dadbean, but you are out-numbered.

    Mindy & Moe

  5. I have not heard of those pills before! At the shelter, as soon as the kittens reach 3 pounds, they get spayed or neutered!

  6. Wow, birth control pills for cats, I didn’t know they existed! Hope you can get some sleep now:) xxx

  7. That’s not really bad, trust me: being in a cage all day is REALLY BAD!

  8. OMG – that Jessica is unbelievable! A real kitten making machine…. we hope the pills will work and that she eventually will finally get her fix….
    Mrs. OZ and Tintin

  9. Criz, I have to say you are making a wise choice.

    A long time ago, in a land not so far away the mom had 4 adult female kittys and her sister left 2 adult male kittys – none were fixed.

    I ended up having 3 litters of kits before she gotted us fixed. Plus the other kittys had kittens too. At one point there was about 20 kits running the house. *WHEW*

    She founded good furever homes for them all but what a mess it was in the mean time. I am much better now without my bits.

    ~ Molly ~

  10. MOmma wants to let you know incase you didn’t, and coz her little nose looks really red, that kitties with white or pink noses get sunburned and get skin cancers easily.
    It is very sad when they do and very devastating for kitty.
    You has to keep her out of the sun or talk to your vet about what you can do 🙂
    Momma talks from sadly, experience 🙁

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