The link above is where cat lovers all over the world gathered and share their updates on their pets on every Tuesday. Feel free to drop in if you are a cat lover. Kids are always kids. They will think of something to play with all the time. Now what? A predator in the house? Janice has always fantasized on weird things and I think this behavior has somehow affected the rest of the kitties. What will she think of next? Catster, the friendly ghost kitty? Errr.. better not! Alf, the friendly alien? Hmm… Maybe. I just hope she will not cook up something that is out of this world next time. Here is what the brats have been doing for the past 3 days, playing with their so called playhouse. PREDATOR01 PREDATOR02 PREDATOR03 PREDATOR04


  1. Hi Criz! My cat is refering to
    a song from the Broadway show, (now
    movie – Hairspray), the lead gal sings “I can hear the bells” when she has this ‘1960’s’ crush on a guy….. like Aniwa does on Spooky!

    You look like you have a brown box
    chewing monster at your house, cats
    pick the funniest chew toys! 🙂

  2. That’s the best doll house cats can get ! it’s much better than the one you buy for a fortune in an animal shop ! My cats too enjoy cartons. Each time there is one they climb in it and even fight who gets the carton!
    Madame Lisa still wakes me up twice during night because she wants me to go to my private litterbox ! but otherwise she is OK

  3. Card boxes are the best toys for cats.
    Our cats love all to play with but we have no predators in the house ;o)

    Cute pictures!

  4. And if there are no predators in the house, the cats will invent one. Or at least mine do.
    Don’t they all love cardboard boxes? You can spend all kinds of money on houses and they still love their beat up old boxes the best. And the same for fancy cat beds. Nothing beats the old chewed up box.

  5. That is a nice playhouse!! It’s good to have an imagination too 🙂
    Have fun playing!!!!

    Purrs Mickey

  6. Jake the woofie chews on boxes, so does Shadow. It must be a male thing in our house to chew the papers?

  7. Yes..big boxes can be so much fun…yepee!the best toys for cats.


  8. LOL MIne only sleep in any box they can find no matter how small.

  9. If I diddint know bedder I wood think Tenny did it. She likes tairing up paper cardbord and plastick. Looks like fun too!

  10. LOL! Luv the commentary and photos–can I come over and play Predator too?

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