Can you all remember the day when Mama Jessica went missing for 4 days in April 2008? We have searched the whole neighborhood then and could not find her but it took Papa Jonathan a matter of hours to bring her back. She was thin and tired from then until now, sleeping most of the time of the day. Recently, I found her to be more energetic and getting fatter than normal and she will go hunting for cat nips almost daily. It did not struck me that she could be expecting again until few days’ ago when I found hunting for new sleeping places in the house. She even tore down the netting that I had put up earlier at one of my storage areas which I have set up to prevent her from delivering her babies there earlier. EXPECT01 I have checked her bloated tummy tenderly but could not find any new movements. She has not call out for that “distress alarm” ever since she was back. She tends to get quite moody at times and will whack off his hubby and kids whenever they got too near to her but within minutes she would feed them milk. Even the poor stray twins were chased off the territory. Luckily they still do come back for their daily meals when she was back in the house. EXPECT02 No matter how many times I have checked her tummy for the last one week or so, I felt nothing. She would just sleep there and enjoy the rubbing as if nothing has ever happened. What do you think? Is she pregnant or something is wrong inside her tummy? Please do let me know if you know. EXPECT03


  1. We thought you had her spayed after the kittens were born. Is she really still allowing the kittens to nurse?

    You really need to have her spayed, Criz as well as neutering Papa Jonathan.

  2. Ummm, My mombean recoknizes those big pink nipples- Yup, she is pregnant! We agree with Grandalf and Grayson.
    Alexi and the gang

  3. Well please remove her “garden” after the babies are born…Or the condition will be really can’t control… It’s also good for her as well~~~~
    I think you will be getting more and more tired after these babies born~~~~ Maybe you could find mommys?

    I give you an award!

  4. Look like it to us too, but since she’s still nursing the babies it’s hard to tell. If she isn’t it’s off to the V-E-T with her for her lady-garden-ectomy!

  5. We vote for preggers!! Lady Gardenectomies and Hoo-Ha-Ectomies all around!!

    All the best

    Ninja & Brenda

  6. We haven’t got a clue, as we have all been fixed. But it is very possible that she went off looking for love when she was missing. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  7. By looking at her tits she looks pregnant again. They are the first to grow and your babies are old enough for her to restart the cycle.

  8. Oh Jessica, I’m afraid the answer is yes. It’s not good for you to keep having one litter after another.

  9. Jessica! Oh, I hope you aren’t but it sounds like you are! It’s not good for you to have litters back to back, sweet girl. 🙁

  10. NEUTER NOW! Sorry, dat was mom. It’s hard to tell cuz she’s still nursing but she does look like she’s pregnant…again. Oh Criz, yoo really need to get all of them fixed or you’ll be over run with cats.

  11. UT OH!!!!!!!!!
    All your kitties need to be fixed or you will keep having kitties 😮
    Purrs Mickey

  12. Yikes!!! I have to agree with all the kitties who have commented before.

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