I was not able to come out with the CATSOPHERE magazine for last week as I was not in town to review some of the interesting blogs around the blogosphere. It seemed many things happened during my absence and most cats were busy preparing for Karl & Ruis’s Wedding inRead More →

The cover model of this issue is Pierro, the newest mancat in the CATSOPHERE. He is also the newest little brother of our lovable Princess. Pierro is just a 6 months old kitten who is getting on real well with Princess. Initially, there were two kittens brought into the familyRead More →

The cover model of this issue is Janice, the oldest of the triplets. You can see how healthy and energetic she is today after having fever during the last few days. She will be 3 months’ old in a few days’ time. She will tell you more on what happenedRead More →

The cover model of this issue is Jessica, the mother of the triplets, Janice, Jayson and Justin. She has the experiences of raising 4 kittens including one adopted one, Jeremy. She said, “It’s not easy to raise these kits which have never stopped showing their mischievousness throughout the day.” TeachingRead More →