CATSOPHERE VOLUME 02 Here are some of the updates on what have being going on in the CATSOPHERE. All the Mummies, Daddies, and Kitties, please do keep a look out for the launching of FelineDirect on the 20 MARCH 2008. This is going to be the latest mewspaper around for your reading pleasure. Make sure you subscribe it early. It’s FREE anyway. FelineDirect reporter, Cecil has been busy researching magazines for great articles for the launching. Unfortunately, he found out that there is still discrimination in the fashion world. Why nobody ever published cat-boy fashion? Drop in to give your support. Who knows? Someone might get the idea for the huge demand. (Hey! I have 4 boy-cats too! :P) Hehehe… The life Caesar and Princess have touched the hearts of many people in the CATSOPHERE. How is Princess doing now ever since Caesar went to the rainbow bridge? Life has still got to move on even though the memories of Caesar will never fade from her mind. Find out more in Daisy is trying to get her paws into the show business. She has some great examples of facial expression for you to judge on her acting skills. She even got herself in as Pansy, the main role for CATNIP ADDICTION short movie. You can even check out her fashion sense. It’s marvelous. Barbie will surely lose out to her beautiful clothes 😛


  1. Heehee! I love your magazine. It is very good to keep up on the latest happenings in the cat world. Thanks for letting me be on the cover, this is my very first magazine cover!!!

  2. Wow, I cannot stop purring in thanks! The cover is very eye-catching, Daisy is quite the model! Amazing work, you are very very creative!

  3. Oh I feel honored to be part of the magazine! Thank you!

    Purrrs always

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