CATSOPHERE#09 Well, we have to apologize for not visiting more as our internet line was so bad during these few days that we could hardly log into any sites especially Blogger. We really felt like punching the computer but then we would not have a computer left to use. I really felt sorry for my present Internet Service Provider (ISP) as we are in the process of changing to another one that is more stable and with fewer disruptions. 15 months of being patient is enough. You can check out my long complaint here. Anyway, this week’s cover model is Moe, the sweet orange cat from Team Tabby. He will show you what it takes to be a mancat. Firstly, you need to groom yourself well from ears to paws. You need to show your beans you are the man of the house. Secondly, you need to have a sense of time. You should know when it is time to eat and try to get the beans up before the alarm clock. Isn’t breakfast the most important meal of the day? Thirdly, you should know the places the beans hide all the yummy food in the house. Well, I guessed Mindy is fortunate to have a mancat in to bring her food whenever she is hungry. Wow… Miss Peach sure knows how to visit lots and lots of places in Hawaii. There were even two cute calico ladies welcoming her there. Can you imagine there is an island called CATalina Island? She could not resist taking lots of photos with the beautiful island dancers and cute, handsome yet macho dancers. She even visited the once dormant volcano where she felt the real lava. She even had yummy tasting Mai Tai Nipteenie in the island resort. Want to find out more about her wonderful trip, drop by to read on more updates. Camies Kitties did a great job with their Knock Knock Fundraiser in aid of Mu Shue, Lilly Lu and Iris. Of course, you need a brainy head such as Daisy’s to come out with this idea. 😛 For every Knock Knock joke a participant post in their blog, they will donate $0.50. Keep a look out on the updates on how much they will be donating soon. How nice it is to be together to celebrate anniversaries of others but it would be even greater if it is our own. Well today is the one year anniversary of Cheysuli and Latte. Isn’t it nice to celebrate it in Disney World and head out to some private island after that? I wondered if they are going to do something naughty over there. Haha 😛 Next to watch out would be Karl and Ruis’s wedding end of this month. Check out on how the Crew of the Hijinx went over to visit Samantha & Tigger. Can you imagine so many of them on board a tiny boat and yet it can still float? 😛 Well, they had lots of food and entertainment. I wondered if they are going to fly over or take a cruise to Daddy’s surprise party this Thursday. We just could not wait to receive them with open arms. Speaking of the surprise party, the guest list is still open as we have barely 3 days more to prepare for the party. If you have yet to confirm your attendance, please do add your name in the list below. Thank you and looking forward to seeing you all here. Have a great week ahead!


  1. It sure has been an action-packed week around the cat blogosphere! We feel your pain, because we just switched our ISP.

  2. Good round up of the news on CB! It has been a hectic week socially. Looks like more of the same to come in the next week.

    Looking forward to the surprise party!

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