This week’s theme is MEMORIAL.So many lives have come and gobut there are many who have sacrificedso much in the community thatthey ought to be appreciatedfor their great services to mankind…In this MEMORIAL service to them,we would like to remember all their good deeds…For being there whenever loneliness hit…For theirRead More →

“Hooray! I have finally found a place I can call home!” That would be the first thing that you would see in Joe Boy the minute he touched down on a new land. I felt really happy to find him a new home ever since he came knocking at myRead More →

This week’s theme is MONTHLY.There are something that not onlythe ladies would suffer MONTHLY.Guys too! It’s called Dysthymia…Some may call it mid-life crisis or even life pressuresand these irregular mood swingsare caused by depression and anxiety.The fluctuation of hormone levels can occurmore than 100 times MONTHLY for the rest ofRead More →

This week’s theme is HALF.I’m the HALF brother to all the J Family siblingsas I was a stray before Daddy adopted me.Everyone here called me a weirdobecause I love to venture into thingsThat no cats would get their paws into…You see… I’m HALF human…I love KFC and McDonald’s…even that somethingRead More →

This week’s theme is MOTHER/MOM.Who could be more importantin our life than our MOTHER?To everyone in the J Family Kitties,Mamma Jessica is the greatest entity in their lives.Her unconditional love towards the family,her hardship and painstaking momentsto bring them into this world,her endless duties to ensure thateveryone are loved andRead More →

  This week’s theme is BLACK. Daddy thought of dressing me up as the BLACK knight but I’m too lady-like to be characterized that way. Eventually, I was dressed up as a famous actress. Gosh! I hate that BLACK spot! It did not make me any prettier or sexier…  Read More →

  This week’s theme is ADDICTION. I have just been framed by Janice for ADDICTION. I hope the kitties would understand that sometimes there are some work with tight deadline to be done urgently. They have not been ignored for sure… Why have I not hear from them about myRead More →

Having some pets at home had definitely made my life happier ever since the J Kitties first came into my world of hectic working lifestyles. Most of the time, their daily behaviors can get me in stitches. Those candid and humorous moments did get my mind off some job pressures.Read More →